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PLAB 1 coaching in India: Complete Guide

The preparation for PLAB test can be done independently since most of the study materials you need are free. The social media site Facebook is also a prominent and easy place to discuss any questions and ideas you might have. Plab 1 coaching in India will be helpful for you.

Studying for and taking the PLAB 1

How long it takes to get ready depends on how you plan and move. But don’t forget to check the following boxes:

Get into the right groups to prepare for PLAB 1:

Even if no one answers your question, you can always look in the group’s discussion section. Someone may have talked about the same question years ago.

Set a target of questions per day:

It depends on how many days you are giving yourself to get ready. Suggest you go through the question banks at least twice.

Mark the questions you think should be looked over again:

If you do this one simple thing, you won’t have to spend hours and hours going over easy questions while studying.

Check out the sources:

Only sometimes trust the answer key or explanation in the question bank. If you need clarification, don’t be afraid or too lazy to look it up in a reference book.

Take adequate rest:

As sleep deprivation sets in, your mind will force you to wonder what you don’t know. So, take short breaks while answering questions and use that time to read some notes or a few critical sections in the reference books.

Try as many dummy tests as you can:

Try to look honestly at yourself when you’re done getting ready. Take as many practice tests as possible, timing yourself and putting yourself in an exam room.

Review your marked questions again and again:

Reviewing what you did wrong is the best way to do it until the last minute. Preparing for PLAB 1 is pretty easy because it’s a short test. You will be successful if you can use all the free resources out there.

When you pass the PLAB Exam

Your entire registration with a practise licence application will be processed once you have passed both parts of the PLAB examination. There is a two-year window for approval once you finish Part 2 of the exam. The GMC must grant you registration before you can practise medicine.


PLAB test is a challenging test. Yes, there are question banks and free materials all over, but please study because you think questions will be the same as on past papers or recalls.  You can also join PLAB 1 coaching in India for your help. The goal of the practice is always to know why the other four answers are different.

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