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GATEIIT Medical Institution in Bangalore is an Overseas Medical Entrance Exam Training Institute founded in 2003 by highly qualified Indian doctors who returned to India from the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s a flexible platform with no ties to any particular medical organization. It aspires to raise medical training standards by collaborating with various private medical organizations. Its critical competency is providing individualized postgraduate medical training and medical admission courses for different national and international entry and exit tests. International medical graduates (IMG) must sit on the PLAB, or Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board, to show that they possess the abilities and knowledge required to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. The PLAB Exam is a stepping stone to medical school in the United Kingdom. The PLAB test is a two-part evaluation that evaluates international medical graduates’ medical knowledge and communication skills, says the PLAB coaching in Bangalore.

Requirements for PLAB Exam:

The requirements for appearing for this exam for medical graduates are:

  • An institution included in the World Health Organization Directory of Medical Schools must accept the candidates’ primary qualification for limited registration.
  • Candidates must have taken the IELTS test and received a minimum score of 7 overall and 7.0 in all four language modules individually.
  • Candidates must have 12 months of postgraduate clinical experience.

Exam Pattern for PLAB Exam:

The PLAB exam is divided into two sections:

  • PLAB 1 – This exam is in MCQ format and consists of 180 questions that one must answer in three hours.
  • PLAB 2 – this section consists of 18 clinical stations in an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). Each station lasts 18 minutes, plus 2 minutes for reading. The exam is designed to test a doctor’s level of knowledge at the commencement of Foundation Year 2 (F2) in the Foundation Programme.

Application Process for PLAB Exam Described by PLAB coaching in Bangalore:

The PLAB test can be used on the GMA website as well. You get a confirmation email from the GMC website verifying the candidate’s registration after applying for the test. Their registration, location, and test start time will all be included in the email. PLAB 1 is held twice a year in various cities across India (on March 15 and November 15). The exam deadline is usually eight weeks before the last date of registration. Candidates can make numerous attempts for PLAB 1, but only PLAB 2 four times. If a candidate fails PLAB 2 on their fourth attempt, they must retake PLAB 1.

Syllabus for PLAB Exam:

The PLAB coaching institute in Bangalore tells about the syllabus for the PLAB aspirants. PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 syllabuses are often based on mainstream medical texts that UK Medical schools use. Students can also consult the GMC’s ‘Advice to Candidates’ pamphlets. Part 1 and Part 2 each have their booklet. Live Interactive Sessions with the Faculty of GATEIIT for PLAB Coaching in Bangalore:

  • Students and working professionals can only attend classes on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Course materials, e-books, and an online Qbank are all available. Completed all paperwork for exams and other applications and provided complete counseling.
  • You can meet all of your PLAB needs in one place.
  • Duration: 24 weeks, three days a week between 5 and 9 p.m.

PLAB Live Online Course in Bangalore:

  • Expert faculty of GATEIIT conducts live PLAB Step 1 classes.
  • Classes will be offered in a cyclical pattern.
  • The schedule for the next 24 weeks will be available on the App in advance.
  • Students can enroll during the cycle and complete the course in either 24 or 48 weeks, depending on their needs.
  • During your membership time, recorded recordings of completed classes will be available on the App.
  • There will be a test and discussion for practice questions and guidance along the process.

GATEIIT also holds classroom training for PLAB.

Why PLAB after MBBS?

The PLAB exam allows applicants to pursue a postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom after completing their MBBS in India. It’s a requirement for GMC registration, which is required in the UK medical system. It’s a certification exam that determines your eligibility for registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). It does not award a diploma. It solely registers applications with the General Medical Council (GMC), says the PLAB coaching center in Bangalore.

A Frequently Asked Questions

Can PLAB 1 be given in India?

To register for the PLAB exam, you must create a GMC Online account and provide evidence of your medical qualifications and English proficiency. You can schedule the first portion of the PLAB exam if your details check out. It is not necessary to worry about your course not being valid in India because it has universal recognition. They have received approval from the Medical Council of India. As a specialist physician in India, you can immediately begin seeing patients without passing any exam or screening.

The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board, more often known as PLAB, is an examination that international medical graduates (IMG) must take to demonstrate that they have the relevant abilities and information to practise medicine in the United Kingdom. To enter UK medical school, you must first pass the PLAB Exam. The two-part PLAB test aims to evaluate international medical graduates’ medical knowledge and interpersonal communication skills.

How Long Does It Take To Study For Plab 1?

In other words, if the first time took you 1.5 months, the second time should only take you around a month. And the third time will take less time because you should be in the habit of reviewing your answered questions. Practice with mock tests after the question banks are complete to evaluate your progress. However, remember that the practice tests are NOT a reliable indicator of how you will perform on the final exam. Mock exams help you get used to sitting still for an extended period while completing a series of questions.

If you devote yourself totally, you can easily pass PLAB 1 after studying for about three to four months. Study time varies from person to person because everyone learns at their speed. The material focuses on issues essential for regular use rather than exciting asides. If you put in the time and effort while you were in medical school, you should have no problem passing PLAB 1!

Is PLAB easy than NEET PG?

You cannot draw any parallels when comparing PLAB to NEET PG. Where you choose to advance your career is a personal decision. Although both tests are for postgraduate medical education, there are important distinctions between them.


Getting a licence to practise in the UK requires passing a two-part exam, making a trip to the UK necessary, and adding a high cost to the


Graduate study in India. One-Stage Exam avoids expensive international travel.

When comparing countries in which to establish a professional life, the United Kingdom stands on equal footing with the United States thanks to its excellent educational system, highly educated faculty, and cutting-edge infrastructure and policies. Though the UK requires PLAB, there are other routes into the country’s medical system.

The NEET PG test is your best bet if you want to work in India. It’s just as challenging as the other tests you’ll be taking. However, if you want to practise medicine outside the United States, you must accept the UK’s PLAB exam.

Is 3 months enough for PLAB 1?

Exam preparation is crucial, particularly for the first section of the PLAB. It is tough for most people to finish all 180 questions in the allotted time of three hours. If you answer questions, you will succeed. You can retake the exam up to four times, although it is highly recommended that you pass on your first attempt.

Completing PLAB 1 can be accomplished in as little as four to six weeks of study if you use the correct study resources and put in the time and effort. Recent medical school or residency programme grads are more prone to experience this. That’s because everything is new, and your mind is still open and receptive to instruction. It gets more difficult if you’ve worked in the same field for a long time, but it’s still possible.

Be nice to yourself and give yourself more time to prepare for PLAB 1 if you are working while studying for it or have other commitments, such as caring for family, children, or health difficulties.

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