GATEIIT is proud to have an excellent experienced & Students Faculties from all over India

GATEIIT is run, managed and served by the Highly Qualified Doctors, MS/MD, MBBS, IIT, IISC, NIT, IIM, CSIR NET, UGC NET, M.Tech, M.SC, P.hd, M.Phil, P.Doc, B.Tech, and many more for the students. The current team of GATEIIT is also composed mainly some of students of GATEIIT. We firmly believe that only a student can truly identify with the difficulties faced by another student. Hence, as part of our policy to give the best of services genuinely from the heart, we consciously look out for talents in our students, which can be utilized for the benefit of all.

We at GATEIIT understand the need to build professionals of caliber, who are also good human beings. Towards this end, we have set up an exclusive wing called “Self Development Centre” (SDC). This wing conducts programmes, workshops and interactive sessions from time to time, which go beyond the realm of professional course curriculum.

GATEIIT has the right mix of dedicated, knowledgeable industry experienced faculty and hardworking students with potential. This has resulted in consistent performance over the years.

Potential – YOU have it; WE know it…let US prove it! This is what all professors here believe in. Just imparting of information is not enough. Success of the student starts with the faculty’s confidence in the student.

The Guru-Shishya parampara, old fashioned though it may sound signifies the unique bond that a student enjoys with his teacher. This bond is strengthened here with havans on Gurupurnima and Mahashivratri days and get-togethers outside class rooms like picnics and felicitation functions. This unique bond ensures that faculty goes that extra mile to deliver to the students, without keeping anything in reserve.

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