Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials (GATE-IIT) (“we,” “us,” or “our”) is a personalized tutoring coaching institute made accessible through offline and online platforms; We value your trust. To honour that trust, GATE-IIT adheres to ethical standards, Terms, and conditions subject to you and us, mentioned herein below to ensure we can impart learning.

The terms and conditions are as follows:


  • 1. GATE-IIT is conducted in the vicinity of well-maintained infrastructure with adequate facilities, enabling the GATE-IIT to focus on a concise and Target-oriented syllabus for the enrolled courses. The primary focus is on the important subjects and ensuring thorough understanding shall conduct Tests, Assignments from the Syllabus as decided by the Institution.
  • 2. GATE-IIT only provides coaching based on continuous research and understanding the various examination conducts and recommends personalized notes for imparting education to clear the examinations and does not assure any results on the candidate’s performance. GATE-IIT takes reasonable precautions to print our books with the help of a third party to provide books from the market as recommended by the respective facilities.
  • 3. GATE-IIT gives various kinds of Course-related offers and schemes in our online and offline advertisements. Many schemes and offers are already expired or removed from the courses but still reflected in some running advertisements. Therefore, we request to all the course aspirants or students who are visiting GATE-IIT for the first time are advised to confirm and verify first with the institution counsellor or admin about all the current running & available schemes, offers, programs, benefits, courses, or anything which they have seen in an advertisement placed online/offline. After counselling, they can also clear the same promises/commitments with the institute’s manager. Accepting the terms by making payment (partial or complete) in respect to the Course shall not be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.
  • 4. GATE-IIT shall provide personal (individual focus) coaching to those individuals who request such attention; GATE-IIT shall reserve the right to provide personal classes or combine classes to ensure effective results.
  • 5. A students’ admission will only be valid only after the Institution receives full fees and complete documentation.
  • 6. The Institution shall not be held liable for refund or re-schedule of classes or for whatever reason the competitive exams are postponed or preponed by the concerned authorities. Parents/students are advised to observe the changing rules and regulations issued regarding the Course opted.
  • 7. GATE-IIT expects students at an appropriate level of basic knowledge required before joining and should be ready to attend the advanced level classes in the institute as the GATE-IIT will teach only for competitive exam advance level points.
  • 8. “Education” in its truest aspect is more a means and a vocation rather than a profession or trade or business. Establishment of this Educational Institution can neither be a trade or business nor can it be a profession. Hence, we strictly advised you to scrutinize the eligibility and other criteria for the exam; under no circumstances shall the GATE-IIT be held liable for ignorance and disregard of the student/parent regarding exam classes, eligibility, performance and results.
  • 9. GATE-IIT office timing is between 10:00 A.M to 6 P.M Monday to Friday. All requests/queries can be addressed to the centre manager at (8884416153, 8884416125) between 11 A.M to 5 P.M, and GATE-IIT shall not entertain calls after official hours. Moreover, send an email to support@gateiit.com.
  • 10. We take reasonable precaution to print our books by the third party or provide books from the market as recommended by the respective faculties. Necessary study material shall be provided/suggested.


  • 1. GATE-IIT has all the rights to change the terms and conditions from time to time; students/parents are advised to stay updated with the changes.
  • 2.GATE-IIT reserves all rights to alteration or changes in teaching style or upgradation in the Course, teaching methodology or content course duration, timing, hours of teaching. Any upgradation made in the Course shall be binding on the teachers and students.
  • 3.GATE-IIT shall not accept any liability for payment is declined/refused payment for any nature of payment chosen. Parents/students making payment through cheque shall only be enrolled as students to the Institution only upon the cheque has been cleared.
  • 4. Management reserves the right to change any faculties at any point in time, and the replacement is a minimum of fifteen days, and students have to cooperate with the management until the replacement/new member is appointed.
  • 5.Study material or coursebooks differ from candidate to candidate as per their suggestion/request. GATE-IIT shall adjust the amount accordingly to the institution fee, and delivery of the goods is subjected to stock availability.
  • 6.GATE-IIT reserves its rights to make any alteration in its program, Venue, timing, days of the classes, Syllabus, Schedule inclusive of the teaching faculties at any point of time with prior notice, as such decision are based on various factors (Internal & external factors), also as a result of administrative and legal requirements.


  • 1. Students below the age of 18years are to be accompanied by their guardian/parent for admission to the Institution.
  • 2. Students are requested/advised and expected to behave with basic morals, uphold the Institution’s ethical standards, and shall not resort to any violence or disturbance during his/her Course at GATE-IIT, and abide by the terms as mentioned by the Institution.
  • 3. Students are advised to be regular, as repetition of the subjects, once covered, shall not be repeated until the formal written request for the same.
  • 4. Students are expected to be punctual and regular as all classes (theory/Tests/Assignments/Homework/Tasks) are subject to results and feedback, whereas the students shall maintain an attendance of not less than 90% for the Course (s) opted.
  • 5. Late admission to any course, the students are advised to take the necessary interest to ensure their syllabus is covered, and the Institution shall not be held liable under any circumstances.
  • 6. Students are advised to report to GATE-IIT manager within a week if a student encounters any problems or issues related to the joined Course.
  • 7. Parents and students are advised to understand that Crash courses are Courses designed to cover certain familiar and prominent topics of the Course and shall not cover the entire syllabus prescribed for exams.
  • 8. Parents/Students shall take complete responsibility for any misbehaviour by the child/student/pupil with the staff or damage to the property of GATE IIT, as it shall lead to immediate effective termination of the student’s enrollment and forfeiture of the fee as compensation towards the misbehaviour.
  • 9. The student/parents shall also adhere to Curbing the Menace of Ragging regulation rules and guidelines.
  • 10. Students are not allowed to use any electric gadget (Mobiles, smart-watches, Digital devices) that shall cause distraction, shall be confiscated if found using inside the Institution’s premises and returned only at the end of the Course.
  • 11. The Parents/students shall ensure that no political, anti-social activities shall not be conducted by the students, as the Institution shall not entertain or tolerate such activities.
  • 12. All students/parents/guardians are strictly advised and shall be completely responsible for parking their vehicle responsibly and appropriately and not cause any hindrance.
  • 13. Students hereby undertake that if they leave GATE-IIT midway before completing the full course for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to transfer of my Father / Mother / Legal Guardian / ill health to self or any other member of the family or admission in any GATE-IIT / course / engineering college etc., or my studentship is cancelled because of misconduct etc., The student/Parent shall not be entitled for refund of fees.


  • 1. A non-refundable fee and registration fee @ 35% is collected to enroll for the Course of your choice.
  • 2. Force Majeure – An event of force majeure is an event or circumstance which is beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the party affected and which by the exercise of reasonable diligence, the party affected was unable to prevent provided that event or circumstance is limited to Riot, War, Epidemic breakout, Government Orders, An act of terrorism, insurrection of military or usurped power, requisition or compulsory acquisition by any governmental or competent authority, any radioactive activity, pressure wave caused by aerial devices, earthquake, flood, fire or another natural disaster, strike or any disputes that affect the Institution in any manner.
  • 3. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable; if the student/parent voluntarily shortens, postpone or cancels the Course enrolled, it shall amount to forfeiture of the amount, and the amount will not be adjusted towards any other course.
  • 5. GATE-IIT shall provide free social/welfare assistance in accommodation facilities to all outstation students. Students can approach the institution for redress any family/mental health/institutional grievance. The Institution shall provide such assistance only between institution working hours only from Monday to Wednesday and upon prior written request only.
  • 6. Institution holds the absolute discretion to cancel/admit a student. A students’ admission will only be valid only after the Institution receives full fees and complete documentation.
  • 7. Students/Parents are notified to provide the appropriate Address and Phone number(s). All information disclosed by the Parent/student contains incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent Information; the Institution may withdraw, amend or terminate student admission.
  • 8. All charges that the Government may levy in the form of Tax shall be borne by the Parents/students, and such amount shall not be refunded or adjusted towards any other amount.
  • 9. All Online classes shall comply with the laws and regulations established and ensure reasonable online safety measures.
  • 10. Online access or log-in pages are subjected to continuous up-gradation, and GATE-IIT shall rectify any technical or any other problems as earlier as possible.
  • 11. The Institution has complete discretion to pursue Legal proceedings in violation of the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  • 12. Consumption and possession of any form of intoxication substance is strictly prohibited, and if found, the Institution holds absolute discretion, and the student shall be liable to be dismissed.
  • 13. In case, the teachers feel that the student is not working hard, is creating indiscipline in GATE-IIT, is irregular in attendance or is not responding properly, the student may be expelled from GATE-IIT. The decision of GATE-IIT in this regard shall be final and binding on the students. No fee or part of the fee will be refunded in such a case.
  • 14. Upon GATE-IIT issues a receipt, for availing services, you have implied to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions of the Institution.