Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Entrance Exam Coaching

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Entrance Exam Coaching In India

A premier institution for the advancement of fundamental sciences in India, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is one of the world’s premier research institutes. Various graduate programs are offered at the Institute, including Ph.D., Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D., and Master’s degrees. For aspiring scientists, it is an ideal place to start their careers with its distinguished faculty, world-class facilities, and stimulating research environment.

There are a few categories of Graduate Programmes at TIFR: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer & Systems Sciences (including Communications & Applied Probability), and Science Education. The course is offered at the Mumbai campus and various TIFR National Centers.

Each topic is taught by a specialized faculty member. As one of the TIFR Coaching Institute’s GATEIIT centers, our instructors come from reputed universities such as I.I.T., J.N.U, B.H.U, etc. Through TIFR Online Courses, each faculty member develops a basic understanding of each topic and solves problems based on it. Best TIFR Exam Classes will then cover tricky and competition-based problems.

Written tests at TIFR Exam Coaching Centres are based on the same syllabus as those offered by Indian universities for the B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree program. There will be questions covering physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, electro and quantum chemistry and biophysics, as well as spectroscopy (NMR, fluorescence, IR, UV, and X-ray) and logic.

Due to the dynamics of global science education and India’s new education policy (NEP), a novel approach is required to teaching and learning. Our TIFR Exam Coaching Centers follow the theme of NEP to create interest among the students and enhance their thinking and analytical abilities.

The methodology must be reinvented and redefined. In GATEIIT, students, faculty, and experts are encouraged to engage in mutual discussion. It is our culture to continuously learn, enhance performance, and persevere.

Faculty members at TIFR Coaching Institute are experienced and dedicated. IIT and JNU alumni, respectively. In addition to being student-centric, the management team is highly professional and skilled in their field. Our work and growth are intertwined. Through the TIFR Entrance Exam, one can gain admission to this TIFR institute. For pioneering scientists, it is a perfect place to begin their careers. In India, GATEIIT is the TIFR coaching institute. Offline and Online TIFR courses are available from us.

TIFR Schedule

TIFR is carried out as soon as in a year, i.e., in December. The notifications saying the TIFR was posted in October in the weekly journal of nationwide circulation (Employment News).

Eligibility for TIFR:

* A master’s diploma in any of the herbal sciences, mathematics, statistics, pc and records sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, or any allied disciplines.

* Candidates having a diploma in engineering or medicinal drug are additionally eligible.

* Candidates with a Master’s diploma in any of the social, behavioral sciences, psychology, linguistics, sociology, economics, anthropology, or any allied disciplines can additionally apply.

* Above all, the candidates have to have a steady excellent educational file and a sturdy activity in lookup in science education.

Faculty members on our team are highly qualified and experienced in their fields. Since we have been in business for 11 years, we have developed easy strategies for learning and completing the syllabus on time. In the CSIR UGC NET/JRF Exam, we consistently produce the best results. With GATEIIT’s best faculties designing NET/JRF and GATE courses as per the latest examination patterns, these courses are unique. The students are prepared to perform well in TIFR by taking these courses. A well-planned Online Test Series is part of our overall regular assessment of performance, as well as regular topic quizzes during classroom teaching sessions.

TIFR Course Features:

  • TIFR Course Program Classroom/Live Classes with three options are available. Option 1. 6 days (Monday to Saturday) a week, Option 2. 3 Days a week, Option 3. Weekend Classes.
  • The entire syllabus of the TIFR Course will be covered twice with revision two times if possible.
  • All the TIFR Classroom/Live Classes will be recorded for future purposes and all students can see lectures online anytime till active subscription and revise everything anytime.
  • At any point, if the student misses any class, then he/she can view recorded sessions.
  • Professors’ online/Offline Notes will be provided.
  • TIFR Course will be given a Daily Practice Paper (DPP) for each class.
  • TIFR Course Online Test will be conducted every weekday or weekend.
  • 10 to 12 Mock Test for TIFR entire (Full Syllabus. TIFR Course Exam Pattern: 120 Questions) Answers, Discussion of all questions of TIFR Course Paper after the Test is conducted.
  • GATEIIT TIFR Course online classes are available on all: Android, iOS (mobiles and tablets), Windows laptops, and desktops.
  • Online/Classroom Interactive Classes with Best Lecturers where students can clear any kind of doubt by asking questions in-between the Classes.
  • Solve your questions with TIFR Course Faculties F2F or using WhatsApp Chat or call once the Lecture is over.
  • Stored Video lectures can be seen anytime soon.
  • Professor Note will be provided from time to time regularly.
  • Online/Classroom Test Series will be provided with detailed analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which coaching is best for TIFR Course?

Ans: GATEIIT is India’s No.1 online coaching for the TIFR exam. GATEIIT also offers GAT-B and other MSc Entrance Examination for Law and Life Sciences. GATEIIT is the oldest TIFR Course coaching institute in India. GATEIIT has given proven results for TIFR.

Q2: How can I Top TIFR Exam?

Ans: Solve the last 10 years’ question papers and mock tests.


TIFR Course Program for Class XI exam aspirants should solve 10 years of sample papers, mock tests, and question papers as much as possible. This will help TIFR Course aspirants know their level of preparation in competition with all other students as well as increase the speed of attempting questions to prepare best for TIFR exam.

Q3: What are the Fees for TIFR Course Coaching?

Ans: TIFR Course coaching fee varies from INR 8,000/- to 55,000/- at GATEIIT. Since GATEIIT offers various TIFR Courses, Therefore fees change course to course. Contact GATEIIT Counsellor for more details.

Q4: Can I crack the TIFR exam?

Ans: Yes, Definitely you can crack. Students need to have a strong preparation strategy in place to crack the TIFR exam. If you work hard, clear all the tests, clear all doubts and questions, and have a deep understanding of every subject then surely you can crack the exam. GATEIIT will help and guide you in all possible ways to crack the exam in one shot.

Q5. What should I study for TIFR Course?

Ans: You need to study according to the prescribed syllabus by NTA Authority. In studies, you need to consider all the learning aspects. Practice previous years’ question papers, Tests, Mock tests, Doubt clearing, Regular practice to finish the paper on time, time management, listening to video lectures, having one-to-one sessions with faculty, etc many more. GATEIIT will help you to do successful studies.

Q6. What is the syllabus for TIFR Course?

Ans: TIFR exam syllabus is distributed into four parts: biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Biology and chemistry syllabus are based on graduation level, and mathematics & physics syllabi are based on 10 + 2+ 3 level exams. GATEIIT covers the entire syllabus systematically so that you will have a deep understanding of the syllabus without any hassle.

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