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Choosing the Best USMLE Online Course Can Create a Difference

USMLE is known as one of the most trustworthy training programs to enter the healthy industry as a medical practitioner. A licensed physician in the USA requires passing USMLE step 1. Most residency programs set criteria for the students to possess a passing grade; otherwise, students won’t be able to work for them.

But, the test is quite tough to qualify as it covers literally everything from microbiology to biochemistry and from nutrition to genetics. So, if a student wishes to pass the exam, he has to prepare himself through the best USMLE Online Course. Before that, it’s of utmost importance to understand the basics of the examination.

Defining and understanding USMLE

United States Medical Licensing Examination, the examination program combining three steps to achieve medical licensure in the USA, is sponsored by two Medical Boards.

Step 1 of the exam is held for 8 hours.

Step 2 consumes 9 hours.

Step 2 of the exam is conducted for 7 hours on the first day and 9 hours on the second day.

Over 100,000 students of medical schools and graduates take the test annually.

How to Choose the Best USMLE Online Course?

Choosing the Best USMLE Online Course depends upon the consideration of several criteria.

A medical student has various engagements. Still, preparing for USMLE is also very important for the next step of the student’s career. To pass the test, a student should choose an online course that offers him a flexible schedule, adaptable formats and personalized instructions.


Choosing a USMLE course that offers classes according to your preferred time is always an advantage. The best are the courses that offer online instructions, so there is a lesser chance of missing a class.

Additionally, the courses provide easily adaptable formats for the students, including videos, workbooks, quizzes and interactive lessons.


Instructions are most effective when they are personalized. A student can’t clear the USMLE test unless his preparation is done properly. Everyone appearing on the test is unique, so the course must include instructions designed for individuals.

An advanced USMLE online course involves tailoring learning to meet the needs of each student specifically, including a particular focus on weaker areas.

Here are some of the best USMLE prep courses, among which a test taker can select a USMLE Online Course:


The course is acknowledged as the best option for USMLE preparations online. Exam preps are self-paced, and self-study and quizzes are offered, costing $299.


This course is considered best for its free trial. It offers online classes, over three thousand questions and an option for asking an expert. The cost is $89-$329.


It provides money-back assurance, self-paced learning and video lectures. The passing rate is almost 99% and costs $240-$1,497.


Though it is both an in-person and online course, the in-person experience is better here. Live instructions, a money-back guarantee and online materials are its quality features. It costs $99-$9,999.


The course offers live online classes along with on-demand ones. Tutoring is also available, and it costs $99-8,099.

When a student has to consider the best USMLE Online Course, he or she has to find which course suits him the best, depending on his or her personal needs, specific strength and weakness and goals. So, the test taker must keep these things in mind:-

Calculation of the prep time is essential.

A student should choose a course keeping his learning style in mind.

The cost comparison is also necessary, as there is often a massive variety of USMLE courses with monthly fees ranging from $20 to $10,000.

Other must-have features must be checked, including free trials, frequency of practice tests and money-back guarantee.

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