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Google Word Coach: Your study Path to IELTS/TOEFL

Google constantly strives to offer its users the most relevant and helpful information, whether through battling fake news or through Knowledge Graph. Users can locate further information about a website before clicking on its search results with their recently added new search features as it proves the same.

Google is offering an online dictionary service of its own, allowing its users to locate the meaning of a world in Google search using the defined operator. Additionally, it is available across different languages, while Google continues adding more to it with time, offering the best suggestions.

Google’s dictionary and translation tool will come with an additional feature, the Google Word Coach.

Overview of Google Word Coach

The quick with Google word coach is a fantastic game that Google has developed, presenting its feature in the popular Google tools such as google translate and Google dictionary. It is an interactive quiz that helps you retain whatever you have learned.

Google’s learning tool was launched in 2018 as a part of its initiative to update the experience with the search engine. The tool was distinctively launched in non-English speaking countries, making it easier for them to get well-versed with English vocabulary in an engaging way. You need not need a separate application for accessing the Word coach.

How to open Google word coach? 

If you wish to open Google word coach, it is just a search away from your browser. The following are the ways how you can access the word coach:

  • Search it on your browser
  • Search for a word on Google
  • Google translate or dictionary

Always note that the tool is accessed only on a mobile browser. We will now learn more about accessing the tool in the following detailed three ways:

  1. Access the game from the search bear

Always search for Google word coach on the search engine bar of your browser. The game automatically starts whenever you search for it on your mobile browser and start playing it.

Whenever you are searching the game on your mobile browser, the game starts automatically, and you start to play it.

You can select the first option in your search results and start accessing the test with Google word coach after you click on enter search.

  1. Using the search to access Google word coach 

Look up the meaning of any word on the Google search bar on your mobile browser. The word will pop up in your search results.

You will get a prompt for accessing the Google word coach game and the search results.

  1. Access the Google word coach test with a dictionary or translate

You can access this tool under the translate or dictionary tab when searching for a word on Google.

You have the option to access the tool from the translate or the dictionary tab that is there on the mobile browsers.

How to play the Google word coach game?

Are you wondering about trying your hands at this fun, interactive way to learn new words? Let us know how you can start playing this game and start to track its progress.

  • On your browser, open Google word coach and start to play
  • You will find 5 sets of questions. Every query in this test will give you 120 points. You will know about the total marks while answering a set of questions.
  • Select the option right from the set of questions appearing on the screen. Every question starts to appear next to the earlier one till you have answered every question in the present set

You can select the option or skip it whenever you are not sure about answering as the questions appear in various forms, such as:

  • You will get two words, and you need to select the one based on the question
  • You will get prompted with an image and asked to identify the correct word from your options.

The level of difficulty of each question rises with every set completed. You can continue to play and accumulate the score. Whenever you are exiting the page, the score will get erased. The other time you open up your word coach, it will start afresh.

After you finish every set, you will check out the words again. You can go through the meaning of each word. Along with this, the tool explains why one is answering the suitable options.

The application helps to simplify the learning process by familiarizing you with various words and several synonyms along with antonyms. Besides this, you start to learn how you can use new words in every sentence.

How does this tool help you?  

If you wonder why you should use the tool and how it will help you check out the points that are worth a mention:

  • Initially, the Google word coach app was an interactive tool enhancing your English vocabulary.
  • The tool is free and excellent learning material for tests like TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Structuring your vocabulary can significantly increase the chances of cracking the tests to improve your English proficiency.
  • The quiz is also accessible anywhere at any time as you need not have a computer to access it. You can access the tool from your android smartphone.

Therefore, we have briefly introduced you to the Google word coach tool. You can use the tool to start preparing for your exams. Whenever you need any guidance from your exam preps or studying abroad process, you can easily use it!


  1. What is the aim of Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is an almost game-like app that aims to aid its users in learning more about the vocabulary and meaning of English words. It is a valuable tool to help you learn about the words and their meaning than any dictionary as it is a fun and fantastic game.

  1. When was the game-like app Google Word Coach launched?

In February 2018, this game-like app got launched, and it is getting a lot of attention from all types of English speakers, whether they are intermediate beginners or advanced level. Although it was launched across a few massive non-English speaking countries like India, Google works expanding them to other countries.

  1. Where do you download the Google Word Coach?

You have to search for “Google Word Coach” on your phone, and you will come across the option for downloading the app somewhere on your screen and scroll to the point tapping it. You can download it from there.

  1. How would you change the language on Google Word Coach?

You can check out on the right side where you can use this language after you have searched for Google Word Coach and have opened it.

  1. Is it possible to learn other languages on Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is mainly designed to help people learn English and improve. In recent times, it is the only language to help you learn as there is no declaration to the future updates made by Google.

  1. Is Google Word Coach available for Androids only?

There is a massive rumor that Google Word Coach is made only for Android; however, it is not valid. You can use it on your mobile phones, personal computers, laptops, and other devices.

  1. What is the cost of playing Google Word Coach?

It is entirely free!

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