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Some Important Facts About the GATE Exam

  1. The qualifying marks needed for GATE is only 25 marks:

GATE exam is of total 100 Marks, and if you successfully gained 25 Marks, you can proudly call yourself a GATE qualified engineer. How to achieve this magical score of 25? Contact for GATE CSE coaching.

  1. No need for pointer:

There will be no need for a pointer to take part in GATE. You will observe that frequently that students with top 100 GATE rank scored very average pointers.

  1. If you scored one of Top 50 AIRs, you will not have to do technical interviews:

Yes, this is 100% true. For Top 50 AIR scorers a direct admission is there to the IIT without any technical interview. If you want to increase your chance of getting into the top 50, contact for GATE CSE coaching and learn from our experts.

  1. Concepts are repeated:

It’s rare that the same questions repeat in GATE exams, but repeated concepts have been seen. If you go through the questions asked in previous years thoroughly, you will know that it’s true. We have already developed a perfect plan for you after studying the previous year papers entirely, visit to have the best GATE CSE coaching with us.

  1. Mathematics is foundation for success in GATE exam:

Engineering Mathematics is the very lifeline for GATE aspirants. 15% of the score you will do in the GATE exams is from mathematics itself. Also, you must have basic knowledge of Math for solving numerical ability problems which will be there for another 5-10 marks. That’s why not paying attention to Mathematics would be a bad idea because it is worth 20% of your GATE preparation.

  1. Only 15% of Students get the selection:

In all the approximately 6-7 Lakhs students only 15% of those students got the chance to enter into their dream colleges through GATE. If you are looking for best GATE CSE coaching and also for other branches, contact now.

  1. GATE exam is conducted online:

In the beginning, only the CS branch had an online exam for GATE in 2012. Later this concept was adopted by other streams as well. Nowadays GATE is totally connected as an Online Exam.

  1. It never happened that a student ever scored a perfect 100 in GATE:

Yes, it never happened in the history of GATE exam. The highest score ever till now is 98.33 in ME branch in 2015.

  1. Physical calculators are totally prohibited in the GATE exams:

A student will not be allowed if he or she comes with physical calculator but Virtual calculators are accessible on the computers while giving GATE exam.

  1. GATE also lets you to do masters from colleges or universities in foreign countries:

Universities like National university of Singapore, Nangyang Technological university and University of Munich etc are some universities which rank in the top 100 across the globe also accept GATE score.

  1. At least you will get double the salary if you are selected in top colleges through GATE:

The average income of an MTech student is at least double of someone who is only a BTech Graduate, its even higher if he or she is from a top ranked college. MNC’s like Google, Facebook, Siemens, TATA, Samsung, LG etc. are some of the big corporate houses and they take selections of students from the top IITs, IISc, and NITs. We at will help you get into your dream college with our best GATE CSE coaching programs and also best programs for other branches as well.

  1. Admission to colleges which come in the Top ranks in our country with starting salaries of Rs. 20 Lacs.

National Institute of Industrial Engineering, NITIE-Mumbai, offers many inter disciplinary programs, with the average beginning of Rs. 20 lakhs.

  1. There is a double advantage in preparing for GATE as you will also be covering syllabus for IES:

Syllabus for both GATE and IES exams have a lot of similarities, so if you are dedicated to work in public sector, it will be double benefit for you because you will cover the syllabus of both at the same time. Contact us and we will guide you in GATE CSE coaching and other exams, and make you ready to score better in exams.

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